The Oracle of Walkthrough – Introduction


Sometime in 2019, the Adventurers League began the Oracle of War (OoW) campaign which takes place in the world of Eberron, a magi-punk noir-esque setting developed by Keith Baker.

Unofficially known as Eberrobots for the number of warforged players.

Fast forward to today and the OoW campaign has been well received with new releases being premiered as part of the official D&D Virtual Weekends. The setting throws players into scenes which differ greatly from traditional fantasy from fighting a titanic robot in a dusty frontier town to executing a heist on a lightning powered train.

I personally adore the Eberron setting, having been part of a homebrew campaign for many years, and I honestly enjoy the OoW campaign more than the traditional Forgotten Realm setting in Adventurers League.

However, I have seen even experienced DMs who have asked if running the OoW campaign is difficult or if they need to meet a certain amount of “required reading” to run it. Running a setting which you are unfamiliar with can be intimidating and DMs might feel unprepared to run something out of their usual scope, especially compared to people who have played or run Eberron for years. This is also not to mention that the OoW campaign is intended to be played within the same group and DM, which means the story and setting play an extremely vital role in the progression of the campaign.

The Oracle of Walkthrough series is written for DMs who want to run the OoW modules but are confused or unsure about the Eberron setting. I hope to provide DMs with a summary of lore and information so that you can run these modules without worrying that you don’t know enough. The series will focus mainly on the lore and story aspects of Eberron instead of the mechanical content and “crunch” of the modules; with each article being focused on the specific information you will generally need to run each of them.

Feel free to feedback if the series helps you, or whether I’ve just been blathering on like an Eberron fan boy. I sincerely hope that this series will assist DMs thinking about running the OoW modules and that doing so will introduce you to the intriguing setting that is Eberron, whether it’s in Adventurers League or in your own homebrew games.

SPOILER WARNING: These articles contain spoilers regarding the OoW storyline.

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