The Oracle of Walkthrough: EB-03 Where the Dead Wait


Running EB-03: Where the Dead Wait

Where the Dead Wait for the Oracle of War Campaign

Life isn’t smooth sailing after picking up the Oracle. Your players will find themselves fending off a host of undead intruders all whilst exploring an extremely cursed cabin. In the midst of the chaos, the Oracle of War speaks and makes its true nature known to the adventurers.

This adventure touches one of the most vague yet important elements of Eberron; the Draconic Prophecy. It surfaces unexpectedly while the players scramble to fortify themselves and will become a central plot point of the Oracle of War storyline.

Stumbling around the haunted house will also reveal lore about the nation of Karrnath. Karrnath and its dark legacy are brought up many times in future modules.

Once again, pay attention to bolded text, if nothing else.

The Draconic Prophecy

A Dragon of the Draconic Prophecy through a Dragonshard
Dragons consider themselves the guardians of the Draconic Prophecy.

Sometime during the events of the module, the Oracle will suddenly drop a verse from the Draconic Prophecy. For context, the predictions of the Draconic Prophecy are like a puzzle made out of countless pieces and with each piece scattered randomly through existence. 

The Draconic Prophecy is so abstract and vague that only the most dedicated of academics would study it. Even then, collecting and discerning these verses can span millennia which means only dragons or the Aerenal elves are truly capable of chronicling it. The average person has little concern regarding the content of the Draconic Prophecy.

Of course, the fact that the Oracle of War can drop verses of the Draconic Prophecy is phenomenal and makes it a miraculous tool for anyone pursuing its secrets. The Gray Dogs obviously want to peddle it for gold. However, the real value of the Oracle of War cannot be expressed in money; it deals in the fate and destiny of Eberron itself.


A marginal exploration of the cabin soon reveals it used to be experimental outpost for a Karrnathi necromancer. Players may find this out from the emblem in the basement or the numerous murderous appendages hidden around the house.

The red wolf of Karrnath is immediately recognisable to the players, along with its association with the undead and the Blood of Vol.

Once renowned for its military traditions and strength, Karrnath suffered a series of crippling setbacks during the Last War. The Blood of Vol was glad to step in to fill the gaps, supplanting Karrnath’s tactical might with vast hordes of undying warriors. The nation would later become infamous for its legions of undead warriors.

The Karrnath of today is a shadow of its former self. The new monarchy is attempting to oust the remnants of its dark past while promoting peace between the nations. However, groups such as the Order of the Emerald Claw aver that Karrnath should have kept fighting the Last War.

A Bone Knight of Karrnath, one of the nations of Eberron.
Karrnathi armies were often commanded by living champions of undeath, the Bone Knights.


While some might say Where the Dead Wait can be skipped, I believe it may actually be the most important module. After all, the Draconic Prophecy is the driving hook in the Oracle of War campaign.

I actually came back to this module and realised there were a hidden number of plot points that eluded me on my first run. I absolutely love the amount of foreshadowing present in these modules and it encourages me to reread previous modules in hopes of joining the dots.

Also, if you can’t tell, my favorite nation is Karrnath.

Looking forward to seeing you next in EB-04, The Third Protocol.

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