The Legitimate Code of Conduct

Dungeons & Dragons is as much a social gathering as it is a tabletop game. We want to create a fun and welcoming environment for all to participate and play in the Adventurers League, as cooperative enjoyment is the ultimate aim of the game. Towards this purpose, we have provided a simple code of conduct for both players and DMs.


  1. Keep things safe and legal.
  2. Remain civil and courteous when interacting with each other.
  3. Keep disrespectful and offensive content to yourself.
  4. Do not harass your fellow players/DMs. (See sidebar!)
  5. Mind the personal space of others and avoid making them uncomfortable.
  6. Respect people’s privacy! Please get consent if you want to take photos or recordings.
  7. Keep your area clean and sanitary.
  8. Give everyone the chance to speak up, especially your DM.
  9. Talk to the DM, our staff, or management if you feel that there is an issue.
  10. Have fun as a group!

What’s Harassment?

Harassment is any unwanted behavior and/or communication which threatens, abuses and/or insults a person and/or is directed to the person because of their gender, race, age or any other personal characteristics.


If you have any queries and/or concerns during any of our events, please feel free to approach any of our Legitimate Management or Staff. 

Confidentiality and Anonymity

If you would like to make a report anonymously, you may use the Incident Reporting FormAll reports, via this form or otherwise, shall be kept confidential and no retaliation shall be held against a person who makes report of an alleged violation. 

Online Events:

Send a direct message to anyone with the @legitimate-management tag on our Discord channel.

Incident Reporting Form

This form can be used to send reports, anonymously or otherwise, to our @legitimate-management.

In-Person Events:

Our staff will be wearing items with our Legitimate Logo.



Minor violations may be called out by your fellow players or DMs as they happen. You might also receive a direct message from our Legitimate Management instead. If someone tells you to stop, please listen!


More serious or repeated violations will receive warnings, either via Direct Message during online events, or being taken aside during in-person events.


For those who persist despite warnings, we may impose temporary and even permanent bans from our regular games and special events. For the worst offences, we might escalate directly to a ban without a warning.


This code is intended to be short but non-exhaustive for the sake of succinctness. The Legitimate Business reserves the right to make any updates and/or changes to this code.

We hope to create a place where everyone can comfortably enjoy Adventurers League content. Have fun!