The most Legitimate* D&D games in Singapore

We organise and run Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League games at Gamersaurus Rex (Singapore) and online.

*As ranked by us.

The Second Most Legitimate Briefcase in the World

We Dungeons, and we also Dragons.

If you would like to get a taste of the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game, find other players in Singapore, or play in the Adventurers League (AL)- an organised play system which lets you bring your characters between other AL games all over the world, join us and we can get you hooked up.

On top of our regular games, we also organise Epic events- large organised play events spanning multiple tables- stay tuned to us on our Discord channelWarhorn page, or check out our latest posts.



Tenets of Practical Character Optimization

Character optimization has been a personal interest for me ever since I started playing D&D in its 3rd edition back around 2004. Over the years, people who like to play characters that are optimal have earned themselves an undesirable label of “powergamer”, “min-maxer” or “rules lawyer”. Not all of this reputation was unearned. In response,…
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Physical Games

In-person games at GRex are currently suspended.

Our games in Singapore are located at Gamersaurus Rex, our friendly local game store. There is a table fee of $7 per player, which includes a free drink.

Gamersaurus Rex

(Games on Wednesday and Sunday Nights)
259A Upper Thomson Rd
Singapore 574386