Play D&D at Singapore Comic Con 2022

Game's back in session

After 10,000 years we’re free! The Legitimate Business will be part of Gamersaurus Rex‘s booth at the Singapore Comic Con. We’ll be organizing loads of Dungeons and Dragons games for everyone, whether you’ve never played before or are looking to dust off your high level characters.

Look forward to...

Learn to Play sessions

New to D&D, or have friends that are interested to try it out? We are running bite-sized D&D encounters that give a flavor of the world’s greatest roleplaying game

Adventurers League Epic Adventures

Work together to save the day! These unique events require the cooperation of multiple tables worth of adventurers league characters!

Tears Among the Stars (T3-T4) | Sat 10 Dec

A gith ally has tracked the Anomaly to the heavily fortified neogi stronghold of Journey’s Legg. The Sha’sal Khou is mustering an assault against the slavers’ asteroid base and offers to let you use the assault to slip inside to recover what you need to finally defeat the Thayans.

A four hour Epic adventure for 11th through 16th level characters and 17th through 20th level characters.

DDEP10-00 The Great Knucklehead Rally (T1) | Sun 11 Dec

To fight the despair brought on by the Everlasting Rime, an eccentric dwarf sponsors a fishing tournament she calls the “Great Knucklehead Rally.” The event draws the curious, the hopeful, and the cynical alike. And it also draws unexpected guests who’ll test the attendees’ mettle.

A Three-Hour Epic Adventure Optimized for 1st through 4th Level Characters

Spelljammer Adventures

These dungeoncraft adventures will take your characters out of this world! Play amazing dungeoncraft modules set in the Spelljammer setting.  Some of these games are being run by their authors, so this is a rare chance to play these adventures as their creator intended, plus you’ll get to support local! 

Adventurers League Trading Post

The trading post is back with a refreshed inventory for the Spelljammer season. Trade in your Adventurers League magic items for unique and powerful ones at the Trading Post.

You can find the rules (and inventory) of the trading post in the Trading Post Player’s Guide.

Merch and More!

Buy D&D books and minis, meet the community, and of course, bask in the nerdery of the rest of the con.

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Tickets can be purchased physically at Gamersaurus Rex for $28 (single ticket). They can also be purchased online (ticketing fees apply).

Note that there will be no tickets sold at SGCC itself.


Register for our scheduled games here.