An Adventurers League Charity Epic for Tier 1 and Tier 2 tables

Saturday 9 March 2024
1.00 pm — 5.30 pm | 6.00 pm — 10.30 pm

The Cults of Elemental Evil seek to annihilate Mulmaster!

Team up to defend the City of Danger against the wrath of the four elements. This is an Adventurers League Epic Adventure: a mission that will pit four tables of characters working together against the machinations of the four Cults of Elemental Evil.

But you’ll be doing more than saving the city and having a great time with the D&D community… This event is for charity: all funds raised will be donated to Care Community Services Singapore.


This epic is for Tier 1 (Level 1-4) or Tier 2 (Level 5-10) Adventurers League characters.


Saturday, 9 March 2024


Slot 1: 1.00 pm — 5.30 pm
Slot 2: 6.00 pm — 10.30 pm

Table Fee



CarePoint, 103 Lavender Street
Singapore 338725

Rerolls for Charity

As a charity epic, this adventure will offer the opportunity for players to reroll their d20 rolls… for a modest donation of course.

But that's not all...

We’ve got a slate of exciting extras lined up to make this a day worth remembering!


Altering fate not enough? Each dollar spent on rerolls earns you one chance to win sweet loot!

Merch Sale

Keep your eyes peeled cause we’llbe selling D&D and AL merch… while stocks last.

Adventurers League Trading Post

It wouldn’t be an Adventurers League event without the Trading Post! Trade in your Adventurers League magic items for unique and powerful ones at the event.

You can find the rules (and this season’s inventory) of the trading post in the Trading Post Player’s Guide.

Don't keep us waiting!

Questions? Join our discord community, our #legitimate-helpdesk will be happy to assist.

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