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RESULTS for The First Legitimate Art Competition

Thanks to all our talented business associates who participated in the Legitimate Art Competition! And a special thank you to Joseph for DMing all T2 content in DMM in order to acquire the GRAND PRIZE for this competition!

Before we reveal the winner, here are our honourable mentions! Remember, all entrants win Inspiration in their next game with Joseph – not just the honourable mentions.

Untitled, by Niki

Looks like someone’s been playing some Tarot CCC modules! This bard is oozing moxie.

Peele, by Lou Ee

Some adventurers just pull off the “my Hand’s on Fire” look effortlessly.

The Prince, by Jeremy

Someone’s gotten ahold of a rather overpowered Staff.

Legitimimic, by Lynx

I don’t know why Lynx decided to submit a picture of an ordinary treasure chest, but this entry seems pretty legit.


A Great Sacrifice – Marcus Tay

Our Winning Entry comes in the form of prose. A mighty epic about the Dragonborn Targas and his Great and Noble Sacrifice. This sacrifice was, as we call it at TLB, totally legit, and thus this short story by Marcus Tay wins him the Prize of A FREE RAISE DEAD courtesy of Joseph!

That’s it for our first Legitimate Art Competition folks. Like the art? Hate it? Tell us all about it in our Whatsapp or Discord channels!