Business News – Online Play & TLB Funding

Here at The Legitimate Business, we’ve been discussing having greater support for online play for a while now. With the new social distancing protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve decided to move that up our timetable of priorities.

What’s different?

Well, for the time being, all face-to-face games have been suspended. We have instead shifted our games onto Roll20 and Discord. We’ve purchased a Roll20 Plus subscription to set up rooms – this will enable you to import characters into our games with the Character Vault and use some of the additional subscriber features in Roll20 such as dynamic lighting.

Are online games chargeable?

So far, all our online games have not been chargeable, and we intend to continue this. However, if you would like to contribute some money to us, we have opened up the option of using PayNow to contribute into a TLB fund which will help us defray some of our costs. We recommend a contribution of $2 per game, but you can give as you are able (or willing to). Please give responsibly, and not more than you are able to afford.

Why are you asking for monetary contributions now?

So far, we have been running our games and activities on an out-of-pocket basis. The money collected at the end of every TLB session goes directly to the locations (GRex and TGC) and not to us.

So far, we have spent about $300 on event costs, the new Roll20 subscription and the locker rental fee at GRex. Moving forward, we have more ambitious plans for TLB, but for these we will need some source of funding. We currently aren’t looking at any other methods of raising funds, but aren’t discounting that possibility either if the need or opportunity arises.

Where will this money go?

The money in the TLB fund will be used to defray the expenditures that TLB has spent and any future spending, which includes:

  • GRex Locker Fees
  • Event Costs (Printing of Fai Chen certificates, posters, etc)
  • Roll20 Subscription
  • Funding the purchase of online books for shared usage (On Roll20 or otherwise)
  • Purchase of Adventure Modules released by WOTC for our Adventurers League DMs

If you have any questions about contributions and expenditures, please contact us at

How do I contribute?

  • Scan the QR code to send money to this PayNow address.
  • If you don’t have PayNow (likely because you don’t have a Singaporean Bank Account) you can also use our Paypal Link This is not recommended if you do have PayNow- Paypal has transaction fees.
  • Identify in your comments the name or module code of the game that you played in.
  • Post in Discord in the #tlb-funding channel to let us know and confirm that the money has indeed been sent successfully.

This is too long, I can’t be bothered to read this. Any TLDR?

If you hate reading, D&D might not be the appropriate game for you. Kidding, here’s the shortened version if you couldn’t be bothered to read this wall of text.

tldr: We are shifting our games to Roll20 for the time being and have opened up an avenue for you to contribute to the TLB fund. Recommended contribution is $2 per online game.

That’s all the updates I have for now. Stay safe, and have fun playing D&D even during this COVID-19 pandemic!

– Joseph Tay
TLB Management