The First Legitimate Art Competition

We at the Legitimate Business have decided that your characters – and our Business – are in Legitimate need of more character. As such, we are calling for YOU to channel your creative talents!

This August, send us your best artistic efforts to flesh out your Adventurers League characters! Or help us to improve the character of our Most Definitely Legitimate organization!

All quality contributions will be recognized by our top organizer (and Die Tyrant) Joseph, with free Inspiration the next time you play at his table. And the MOST quality contribution (by our judgment) will be rewarded with one free casting of raise dead!

Anything originallegal, and work-safe is acceptable. Drawings, pictures, stories, comics…the sky’s the limit!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative!

(Submissions are to be sent to before midnight on Saturday, 31st August. Do remember to tag your submission with your name and DCI Number, so that we know that it’s from you.)