Legitimate DMing Incentives

More reasons to be a Dungeon Manager (DM) at the Legitimate Business!

After a long trial period, we’re finally ready to announce our DM Points System. Accumulate points for DMing and other DM-related activities, and trade them in for rewards (or just lair atop a massive hoard of points, if you prefer).


When you’re a DM with us, you’ll have access to the @Dungeon Master role on our Discord server, giving you access to our DM channels.

When you do something that qualifies for points, usually running an Online game with us, log your game in the #dm-points channel. The @Legitimate Management (ie, me) will verify and update each DM’s running total regularly. 

Cash in your points for rewards by sending another message in the #dm-points channel.

5Per game DMed online
1Per each new player to the TLB server (first game)
5Per each game run during special events (epics, etc)
10Per game DMed at Chua Chu Kang Public Library
5Per game DMed at GRex
10Bounty – Run 3x Mist Hunter ModulesFirst 2 DMs (1 Left)
10Bounty – Run 3x Dreams of the Red Wizard ModulesFirst 2 DMs (1 Left)
100Copy of Dungeondraft for your personal use
20Roll20 1 month Plus Subscription
20One Adventurers League module on DMsguild
75Pathfinder Mat2
90Kraken Alchemical Water 14pc Dice Set1
25Other Dice Sets7

The Fine Print


Bounties can be claimed by a limited number of DMs and are used by the Management to promote running certain types of modules- for example, when a new season or alternate campaign starts, we might put a bounty on modules from these seasons! We might also promote running modules from these campaigns.

Limited Time Bonuses

Although our rewards are usually meant for our online games which don’t get store credit from running at Gamersaurus Rex, we may temporarily give points for DMing at physical locations.

New Player Bonus

Onboarding new players is hard, that’s why we provide a little bonus for DMing for someone new to our server. If you’re not sure if someone is new, just submit their name- we’ll double check before we award it. 

Checking Points

Points can be checked on this Google Sheet. Note that this sheet is manually updated so points from recent games may not be added yet.

Physical Rewards

Currently, rewards which are physical objects must be claimed from our locker in Gamersaurus Rex unless special arrangement is made.


Becoming a Dungeon Manager

Interested in being a Legitimate Dungeon Manager? Anyone can start, just ask!

This article contains more information about DMing at The Legitimate Business.