The Legitimate Con – 28 Nov 2020

The Legitimate Con

…is a 100% legitimate event held in C Y B E R S P A C E via Roll20 and Discord. We’ll be running D&D Adventurers League games on the 28th November 2020.

To signup, head over to our Warhorn page!
If you are interested to participate as a DM for our event, please fill in this form and we’ll contact you to work things out.


  • Read our Code of Conduct before signing up!
  • Join our Discord Server as soon as you sign up so our DMs can contact you for pre-game admin.
  • Make sure your Warhorn signup matches your Discord username so our DMs can find you.

Main Event: DDALCA-03 Cold Rush

The Legitimate Con Promo 2

Race across the frozen Islands of Eiselcross and Recover a powerful relic before the BLOOD HOUNDS get their hands on it.

Time: 28th November 2020, 7.30pm – 11.30pm GMT+8.

DDALCA-03 Cold Rush is a D&D Adventurers League Competitive Adventure. Set in Critical Role’s Wildemount setting, you’ll take on the role of one of six level 5 pregen characters on a quest to recover a powerful relic. Do well and rack up points for your party!

Adventurers League players: this event is your rare chance to get a taste of subclasses, spells, and items from the Explorers Guide to Wildemont!

For playing, all participants will receive a certificate which can be applied to any Adventurers League character.

Note: This event uses pregen characters! Not your existing Adventurers League characters.

Side Events

Fai Chen

The Legitimate Con.Fai Chen

Legitimate Businessman Fai Chen is coming to the Legitimate Con! You can trade magic items for other magic items, or spend money to buy Legacy Rewards… while stocks last! He also sells consumables, trades in soul coins, and will compensate characters who have claimed certain story rewards. For more info check out the #💵fantastical-faire in our discord server.

Player’s Guide to Fai Chen


Date: 28TH NOVEMBER 2020
2-6pm (GMT+8)

Whether you just want to chill out or freeze to death in an icy wasteland before being eaten by monsters, we have the games for you! To get everyone acclimated to the coming season, we’ll be running ❄frosty❄ Adventurers League games before the main event!

See the event schedule on Warhorn!


An adventure for level 1-2 characters. An avalanche strands you and your allies in the treacherous Spine of the World, and a relentless blizzard is quickly blowing away all hope of survival. Gather the surviving members of your caravan and strike out for shelter. Strike out for life!


An adventure for level 1-4 characters. This year’s Midwinter holiday efforts have been met with unusual obstacles: small stockpiles rummaged through, foods spoiling, ale casks leaking, festive clothes torn up, and crucial pembelon fruits missing. With schedules and deadlines rigid, any bigger bumps in the road might result in disaster. Who would want to keep the people of Chult from celebrating this long-revered holiday?


An adventure for level 5-10 characters. Claiming to possess Hartkiller’s Horn, Ryndölg makes his move to take control of the Hartsvale. The non-giant residents have been pressed to declare their allegiance or be destroyed. Do they swear fealty to Jarl Ryndölg, or is there another option? Is there another contender to the throne? ⚠ WARNING: BEAST MODE ⚠ – You WILL be facing The Beast in this run- this might be deadly.

More adventures will be announced as we get closer to the date, stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions


The Legitimate Con is free. If you want to support us, you can find instructions in our Discord Server.

Can anyone join?

Although we are based in Singapore, players from around the world are welcome to join. This is the power of C Y B E R S P A C E.

Are we legit?


Where do I sign-up for games?

You can sign up via our Warhorn Page. Please join our Discord Server as soon as you sign up so our DMs can contact you for pre-game admin. Please also make sure your Warhorn signup matches your Discord username so our DMs can find you.

If you’re not sure how to use Warhorn, try our guide. If you’re still stumped, please send us a Discord ping.

I don’t know how to use Roll20?

Join our Discord Server at least a week beforehand so you can ask for help.

How do I know what table I’m at for the Cold Rush event?

Check back for the Seating Roster document! The DM for your table should also contact you some time before the event.

What if I want to play the Cold Rush event at the same table as my friends?

Direct message @rhodenbarr#4027 or @wull#1153 on discord and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I upload my character sheets?

For DDALCA-03 COLD RUSH, there is no need to upload a sheet as you will be using pregens.

For all other events at the Legitimate Con, you can either:

  • Import a Sheet using the Roll20 character vault. (We have a Roll20 Plus subscription.)
  • Use our character creation lobby, instructions on our Discord server, then import it.
  • Ask the DM for a blank character sheet to edit manually ahead of time.
  • Use the Beyond20 Extension in conjunction with a D&D Beyond character sheet.