Hell March – Arkhan’s Tower

Through most cunning machinations, Arkhan the Cruel has obtained an Orb of Dragonkind. Yes, this powerful servant of Tiamat has outwitted some adventurers into just trading it to him.

You did WHAT?

Burney, the Barber.

With the Orb in hand, and the Hand of Vecna also in hand, Arkhan threatens to leverage the power of the artifacts to upset the balance of the Blood War, and perhaps, to free his queen Tiamat to rise again and wreak havoc on the Material Plane.

But it’s not too late! Burney, who is definitely a barber that just happens to be concerned about current affairs, is putting together a team to mount a raid on Arkhan’s Tower. It’s up to you to storm the tower, retrieve the orb from the Grand Hoard, stop Arkhan from amassing power, and keep the Material Plane safe.

(Plus you get to loot his Hoard!)

Arkhan’s Tower (During Hell March)

8th March, 7pm [Table 1][Table 2]
11th March, 7.30pm [Table 1][Table 2]

Signups will be via Warhorn as usual.


Enough Lore! What’s Arkhan’s Tower?

Arkhan’s Tower will be a special quest that takes place during our Hell March campaign. Each table will take part in an assault of Arkhan’s Tower. It is recommended that all characters taking part be level 10.

As each session is intended to represent a different aspect of the same event, please only join either the 8th or the 11th March session, not both.

Can I join if I’ve never played Hell March before?

Just as with the rest of Hell March, anyone is allowed to drop in for the session even if they have not played before, as long as they have not played the same Chapter (Chapter 3) of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus at a non-Hell March session.

Did someone say Dragon Hoard? 🤑


Who’s Arkhan?

A dimension-hopping dragonborn from Exandria, Arkhan came to Avernus after stealing the Hand of Vecna. In Avernus he plots to rescue his master, Tiamat, from her infernal prison. He lairs in his tower, along with Krull the Tortle Death Cleric, Torogar Steelfist the Minotaur Barbarian, and a host of Dragons and Abishai.